Delego and Dreamboard Arrests

August 3, 2011, Washington, DC

United States Symbol of Freedom: Not Perversion

Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stated today a 20 month federal investigation named Operation Delego targeted more than 600 Dreamboard members around the globe for their participation in the private, Members Only, Internet child pornography network. As a result of this operation 72 people to date have been named in the Blackbart and Hawkeye indictments, charged with the trading and posting of tens of thousands of images and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children. The bulk of the victims were under the age of twelve with thousands of the victims being infants.

In thousands of the images the screams of the children were obvious and amplified for all to hear, which was one of the mandated rules of the Dreamboard. Two dozen of those arrested were personally creating the images and videos submitted and transmitted, according to the Justice Department. Janet Napolitano stated the amount of child porn swapped by these members was equivalent to 16,000 DVDs.

Of the 72 charged in the United States (including a Navy commander, doctors, lawyers, et al), 43 have been arrested here and 9 were arrested overseas. Another 20 are known only by their Internet names and remain at large. For now. Agents have arrested individuals in 13 other countries: Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, Sweden, and Switzerland. Some of those individuals were arrested on local charges in their respective countries rather than on international charges.

To conceal their conduct, members used screen names and accessed the bulletin board via proxy servers with Internet traffic routed through other computers to disguise a user’s location. Members were required to upload images of child sexual abuse in order to maintain their membership. Members who videoed themselves sexually abusing children and infants were placed in a “Super VIP” category allowing them access to the entire library of child porn on the Dreamboard.

A “Super Hardcore” section of the bulletin board was limited to those depicting themselves and others having violent sexual intercourse with toddlers and infants being subjected to physical and sexual abuse. It can safely be assumed a number of these victims are now deceased. All 72 US defendants are charged with conspiring to advertise and distribute child pornography. Fifty of these individuals are also charged with engaging in the enterprise. Thirteen of the 52 arrested have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. Of the four already sentenced, they face a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison.

More arrests will definitely follow. (As I glean through the documents I have found online concerning this investigation the stories will appear. They will also appear in my other child abuse journals, Rose In the Storm and Depts of Recreation and Tourism: Child Crimes, as well as in “Honor Above All” concerning far less than honorable crimes committed by the United States military)

August 23, 2011, Denver, Colorado

Jeffrey Rodgriguez of Aurora and Scott Lewandowski of Pueblo were arrested by Colorado Federal Agents and now face charges in the Western District of Louisiana as part of the Operation Delego and Dreamboard international child pornography investigations conducted over the past 20 months.

Operation Delego began in December, 2009, and was headed up by agents with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and CyberCrimes Divisons. The takedown of Dreamboard is the largest of its kind in United States history but more are sure to follow as this ongoing investigation explodes across the globe. Thus far, 72 indictments have been handed down with simultaneous arrests conducted.

Jeffrey Rodriguez used the online screen name “Howard Hughes”. Scott Lewandowski used the online screen name “imagic/zapper” on the Internet, the Washington, DC, indictments read. Many of those now facing arrests were only known by their Internet screen names, a practice many believe actually conceals their identity. It does not.

Dreamboard consisted of members trading in often very violent images and videos of adults sexually abusing children much younger than age twelve. Access was granted only if a prospective member uploaded child porn images portraying children younger than twelve. In the early 1980s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with international investigative agencies uncovered numerous child exploitation rings reaching from Canada to Europe. Some of these porn rings carried the motto “Sex Before Eight or It’s Too Late”. Now there are porn rings that call themselves “Orchid Clubs” with their sexual preferences being children under the age of three! In additon, indictments against The Man/Boy Love Club was handed down.

The highest level of membership in Dreamboard, called “Super VIP”, mandated members crate new images of child porn depicting themselves and others in the act of sexually abusing their victims. In addition, a “Super Hardcore” category existed where members must create and  post themselves and others graphically and violently sexually abusing very young children and infants. The cries and screams of the victims MUST BE HEARD AND SEEN, stated the rules for membership.

Members shared a perverted dream to create the pre-eminent online community for the promotion,l development, and distribution of child pornography. Nothing was off limits. Quite the contrary. All was demanded. And all was complied with by the hundreds of thousands of members of this international child porn hell.

Jeffrey Rodriguez and Scott Lewandowski are only two dominoes. Others will rapidly fall.

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