Blackbart: The Arrests

Anthony Paul Sowder

Middlesboro, Kentucky, March, 2011

In a case totally separate from the Operation Delego investigation involving Anthony Paul Sowders, police in Middlesboro arrested Sowders at Kroger’s Gas Station where he was employed. Sowders was charged with the prohibited use of electonic communications to procure a minor (or a cop posing as a minor) for sex or the distribution of child pornography. Anthony Paul Sowders is guilty of both: soliciting a minor for sex over the Internet, and soliciting a cop he THOUGHT was a minor for the purpose of sending him sexually explicit images of “herself“. He, the cop, refused but arrested Sowders anyway.

Since Sowders was posing online as a 12 year old girl to lure other teens into sexual behavior, the police saw no reason not to do the same to communicate with Sowders in order to get this piece of puke out of society. This was before they knew of Operation Delego and Sowders involvment in Dreamboard, far worse than the Middlesboro Police have ever encountered thus making Sowders worse than he already was. In the Dreamboard investigation, over 16,000 DVDs were confiscated in addition to other image documents and computer equipment. Sowders used the screen name “ChanChadwick”.

On the Middlesboro charges, bond for Anthony Paul Sowders was set at $100,000.

August 3, 2011

Timothy Lee Gentry, 33, Burlington, Kentucky, was sentenced to 25 years in prison on May 10, 2011, for his role in Dreamboard. Michael Biggs, 32, of Orlando, Florida, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on May 21, 2011. Michael Childs, 49, of Huntsville, Alabama, was sentenced to 30 years in prison in June, 2011. Charles Christian, 49, of Tilton, Illinois, was sentenced to 22  years in prison.

Edward Oedewaldt, Operation Delego pervert


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