Delego Arrests: Hammer Down

August 4, 2011, Utah

David Brian Lindsay, 30, Shane Michael Turner, 32. Operation Delego

David Brian Lindsay, 30, of Midvale and Shane Michael Turner, 32, of Roy have been arrested as part of Operation Delego, an international child pornography network using an online bulletin board called Dreamboard. David Brian Lindsay, using the Internet screen name “slipnslide”, named in the Hawkeye Indictment, was arraigned in Utah but has now been transferred to a federal court in Louisiana where his case will be tried. Shane Michael Turner, using the Internet screen name “korneech08” also awaits trial in Louisiana where the Operation Delego indictments were handed down.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carol Dain coordinated with Utah investigators as well as prosecutors in Louisiana to serve arrest warrants on the Utah defendants, said Melodie Rydalch, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Utah. Dain’s expertise is prosecuting child exploitation cases as part of Project Safe Childhood, a national initiative launched by the Justice Department in May 2006, intended to crack down on predators who use the Internet to correspond with other child predators, search for additional victims, and post their “family albums”.

Operation Delego was birthed through Operation Joint Hammer which spun off Operation Nest Egg, which spun off a joint operation with China busting a porn site with over one million members whose founder lived and operated in Queens, New York.

Operation Joint Hammer may have been a spin off the 1999 Operation Ore investigation resulting in the indictment of over 7200 individuals in Great Britain alone. Launched by British Police, courtesy of documents presented by US federal agents as a result of an investigation into Landslide Production, Inc., a Texas based child porn portal operated by Thomas and Janice Reedy. Following the arrest and conviction of the Reedys — in which mild mannered Thomas Reedy was handed a whomping 1100 years in prison — Operation Avalanche, a spin-off of Operation Blue Orchid, was revealed in August,2001, launched in 1999 to trace the users and providers of child porn to Landslide Production, Inc., with Federal Agents posing as the Reedys to bring down this operation. As a result, Operation Snowball was launched in Canada. Operation Hamlet was launched August 2, 2002, after staff of Save the Children – the international child relief organization, notified Danish police of child porn posted on one of their websites; Operation Candyman, Phase 1, was launched in March, 2002.

Operation Ore has — to date — in Britain alone, led to the identification of 7250 child predators, 4283 homes searched with computer and video equipment as well as DVD and CD documentation seized, and resulted in the arrests of 3800 users of the named child porn sites with far more expected as those originally indicted are sentenced to prison time. Numerous other countries were provided documentation of those in their countries involved with Landslide. The sad and despairing aspect of Operation Avalanche is that only 100 arrests were made known of the half million members of this $29.95 per month membership fee child porn ring. Landslide’s web host was operated out of Russia and Indonesia.

Among those arrested in Operation Ore was Christopher “Chris” Langham, a British actor, writer, and comedian with a history of alcohol and cocaine addiction. He was arrested in November, 2005, for his role in Landslide Productions, Inc., thus Operation Ore. It took another two years for Chris Langham to be brought to trial. Even with his admissions of accessing and viewing child porn, of admitting he purchased same with numerous credit cards from all over the globe, of stating he downloaded and used child porn “as therapy” because he was abused as a child, even after numerous sexual abuse charges were lodged against him (all conveniently dismissed), Chris Langham was sentenced to only 10 months in prison.

This investigation is still creating a furor across the United Kingdom as the bulk of those indicted were not brought to trial because the court system in Great Britain was stunned and overwhelmed by the volume of names and evidence. Many former victims and those within the government itself are now publishing names of those indicted, whether they were ever brought to trial or merely placed on a national and international sexual predators lists.

In addition, ample evidence has been provided of massive credit card fraud and identity theft, including by individuals indicted and convicted in Indonesia and other countries. Because of the massive amount of evidence gathered by a computer forensics examiner many of Operation Ore’s indictments have been put on hold pending the outcome of comprehensive investigations of each individual named.

That means 7200 separate computer forensics examinations into credit card and identity fraud as members and subscribers could only pay by credit card. Some have evidence of their information being stolen via their registration with OnLine Shopping Networks. Many investigators believe some of these “shopping networks” were pipelines to cover the true purpose of the “shopper”. Codes may have been provided to determine those shopping for porn from those making legitimate consumer purchases.

Unfortunately, the massive amount of evidence- the number of people indicted – has led to the understandable frustration of investigators. As a result, a number of individuals have been removed after hiring their own computer experts to “prove” credit card fraud and identity theft.

And what of the victims and how they felt? Of how they still feel? Of their lives ruined forever because of the documentation and photographic evidence still streaming across the globe. What about the children?

Because of this, hundreds of pedophiles who should be in prison have been sent on their way. They have also filed charges, some as class action lawsuits, against the British police and other investigative agencies for “personal damage and defamation”, further burgeoning the court system and making it appear these investigative agencies are incompetent at best and chasing ghosts. They aren’t.

The investigative agencies involved on an international level into all operations concerning child porn and the sexual exploitation and abuse of children have been stunned at the number of lawyers and judges who defend these perverts and even decry that the issue is not “as bad as it seems”.

No. It is by God a helluva lot worse!

In addition, all of these porn sites, regardless of scope, have webinars to educate the users and porn providers not only on how to protect themselves to thwart investigations but how to handle the situation if they are arrested. Credit card fraud and identity theft are among these defenses. Most of these porn sites uses pipelines of one type or another, and all have legitimate clients who have no idea that behind the name and purpose is the rape of children and infants.

Consider the number of cases filed in the past five years against three major social sites: Face Book, My Space, and Craig’s List, both with lawsuits filed over crimes against children. Yahoo! was also part of a federal child porn investigation under Operation Candyman.

Without exception, even the most hardened investigators have been sickened by much of what they have had to deal with, view, and prosecute. To turn these monsters loose, to hand down only a pertinence sentence, to allow them to use any excuse available to remove a number from an overloaded court docket, is to extend a hand in union to the perverts who rape and exploit children. There is no other way to look at this. Among those who were allowed to use identity theft and their own computer experts to exonerate their “good” name was the lead guitarist of The Who.

More on Operation Ore, along with a list of names, and the other above named child porn investigations will be found in greater depth elsewhere in Rachel’s Tears.

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