Delego: The Arrests

Following is a list of the original 72 named in the initial Operation Delego indictment. As further information and photos become available online, the names will disappear from this list to be profiled in greater depth in this chapter. It was important to me to post this list now, as other child crimes journalists are doing.

From the Hawkeye and Blackbart federal documents:
Jeffrey Rodriguez, Aurora, Colorado
Scott Lewandowski, Pueblo, Colorado
Edward Oedewaldt, 48, Arcadia, Louisiana (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Benet Schmidt, 36, Cohoes, New York
Christopher Luke, 31, Kenmore, New York (Delego Balckbart indictment)
Todd Stumpf, 60, Buffalo, New York
Eric Karl Myszke-Francis, Redmond, Washington
Joseph Matthew Wheeler, Buena Vista, Virginia (former high school football coach)
Rush Frank Blankenship, Westfield, Massachusetts
David Michael Whitten, 53, Lynn, Massachusetts (Delego Blackbart indictment)
Kevin Richard Casey, 38, Palos Verdes, California (lived around corner from elementary school)
Stephen Fairbanks, 35, LaVerne, California
Jason Simon, 42, Glendale, California
Stephen Perez, 23, Santa Ana, California
Jerry Wright, 55, Santa Ana, California
Larry J. Ridley, 32, Anaheim, California (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
William A. “Billy” Jewell, 42, Burbank, Illinois
Desmond T. Meredith, 34, Freeland, Maryland (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Richard Chandler, Kingsport, Tennessee (police officer until he got busted)
Kevin Kaller Wright, 44, Santa Monica, California
Michael Pharis, 51, Las Vegas, Nevada
Daniel Murphy, 53, Millville, New Jersey
Paul Challender, 54, Big Rapids, Michigan
William Ho, 39, Hacienda Heights, California
Roger Lee Loughry, 58, Baltimore, Maryland
Thomas Lenti, 43, Brooklyn, New York
William Gregory, 57, Chester, Virginia
Jonathan Hans, 38, Woodstock, Georgia
Charles Werenczak, 47, Jamestown, New York

Kevin Harkless, 53, Copper Hill, Virginia
Patrick Jansen, 28, Lockport, New York
Robert Joseph Olson, 54, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Franck Gilbert Pion, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Thomas Ruhland, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Douwe Marcel Van de Laar, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Jamil Lamar Mosley, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment): using one screen name of “clubkidsforever”
Mohammed Jashimuddin N. Meah, Chittagong, Bangladesh (Delego Blackbart indictment), using one screen name of “juddinbest” (an obvious ethnic group preference I trust ICE picked up on)

William Barton, Kent, Washington (Delego Blackbart indictment)
Henry Hand, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)
Stephen Kinney, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)
Matthew McKee, location unknown (Delego Blackbart indictment)
Rush Frank Blankenship, 26, Westfield, Massachusetts (Delego Blackbart indictment)

Brian Musomba Maweu, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
John Wyss, location unknown (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Robert Sprague, Ferndale, Washington (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Daniel Deschenes, Terryville, Connecticut (Delego Hawkeye indictment)
Robert Edward Cuff, 48, Fort Bliss, Texas (Naval Command Master Chief)
Michael Van Thompson, location unknownRey Vilanova-Delgado, 31, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Felix Javier Gonzalez-Morales, 29, Canovanas, Puerto Rico
Zairo Ramos, 29, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Felix Rodriguez-Acevedo, 32, Caguas, Puerto Rico
Roberto Encarnacion Ruiz, 32, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Profiles of Those Arrested: The above list will shorten as stories cn those charged are located online and can be posted. Photos of those charged will be posted as soon as I can sort through the massive volume of sexual predators photos and find the photos associated with this particular federal investigation.

August 4, 2011, Ontario, Canada

Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano, Dept. of Justice: Operation Delego

Paul Graham Fry, 54, Waterloo Ontario, Canada (Delego Hawkeye indictment), one screen name: “Lofty”

Brandon William Lane, 26, Kingston Ontario, Canada (Delego Hawkeye indictment), one screen name “BossHiaka”

As part of the Operation Delego international child pornography investigation, Canadians Brandon William Lane, 26, from Kingston, Ontario, and Paul Graham Fry, from London, Ontario, have been arrested and charged in both the Hawkeye Indictment and the Blackbart Indictments. Both were charged with conspiracy to advertize the distribution of chlid porn and conspiracy to distribute child porn, the US Justice Department stated in the March 16, 2011, indictment.

Brandon William Lane has been in custody since November, 2010, when Kingston police arrested him and charged him with accessing, possessing, making and distributing child pornography. In the US federal indictments, Brandon William Lane has been listed as one of three administrators of the Internet child porn bulletin board “Dreamboard”. The US Justice Departments indictments against Brandon Lane are totally separate from those filed in Canada and will be tried separately. Canadian police confiscated ample evidence in their arrests to try Brandon William Lane on multiple counts of child porn.

In the Blackbart and Hawkeye indictments — part of Operation Delego — Lane controlled the membership of Dreamboard and, along with two other administrators, established the highly explicit demands and regulations of membership.

There were allegedly only 500 members of Dreamboard in comparison to the 10 million named earlier this year as part of joint US and China investigation into an international child porn bulletin board with access to several hundred websites. This operation busted the owner, a Chinese national, living and operating out of Queens, New York, and operating the child porn organization across the globe. He could not as freely have done this from within China where Internet access is monitored and controlled, largely to stop dissidence.

Paul Graham Fry, 54, is currently in a London, Ontario, jail fighting extradition to the United States where he is wanted to stand trial in Louisiana where the indictments were brought. Fry’s lawyer’s insists the United States does not have jurisdiction over Fry — no matter his crimes — because he is not a US citizen and has not been charged with these crimes in Canada, thus the US can pretty much “kiss off” as far as Fry’s defense lawyer is concerned and stop bossing people from other countries around. Terrorists included.

Wonder if Fry’s lawyer is among those WHO SHOULD be named in the indictment: at least for obstruction of justice and the promotion of crimes against children, an INTERNATIONAL crime mandated by the United Nations, of which Canada is a member. Hopefully, the governing body of Canadian takes a tougher stance on crimes against children and wants these maggots out of society wherever they may be.

Brandon Lane went by the Internet screen name of “BossHiaka” and Paul Graham Fry used the screen name “Lofty” on Dreamboard’s log-in page. Warrants have been issued for members in Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, the Netherlands, Philippines, Qatar, Serbia, Sweden, and Switzerland. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are hundreds of thousands of other child rapists tied globally to the 72 members and administrators wanted. Even among some pedophiles, police have learned that Dreamboard was “extreme beyond measure” in its porn requirements and depictions of the violent rape of toddlers and infants. All need to take a fall.

The full indictment can be read at the above links to each indictment. Both are pdf files from the Department of Justice and can be freely downloaded.  In these indictments, most of the 72 are named as “John Doe” with their online screen names listed. Only about 5 are actually named. Of those, 3 are being tried as administrators.

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