May 27, 2011

Kenneth Kyle, 46. Teaching the kids something.

Kenneth Kyle pleaded guilty today in a San Francisco court to the charges he had sexually abused a toddler while traveling from California to Missouri. Federal agents charged Kenneth Kyle, 46, assistant professor of Public Affairs at California State University in May, 2010, with possession of child pornography and crossing the state line with intent of child molestation. Kyle also faces charges in Missouri for the rape of his girlfriend’s one year old daughter and for posting his acts on the Internet. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and still awaits sentencing on the federal international trafficking and possession of child pornography charges.

Mommy Dearest.

Kenneth Kyle was charged along with the toddler’s mother, Teresa Van Vlerah, age 20, of Ballwin, Missouri, on four counts of promoting rape, promoting sodomy, promoting incest, and the production of child pornography using her toddler daughter. Kyle was arrested in San Francisco by federal agents after arriving March 15 on flight from Germany. His arrest is expected to lead to other arrests. Teresa and Kenneth Kyle had been molesting this child from the time the infant was five months old. This is not the first time Teresa has been charged with child molestation. The last time, she was all over Facebook bragging about her seduction of an autistic boy and the subsequent pregnancy.

Teresa Van Vlerah, 20, and the infant she pimped out to Kyle

When agents confiscated Professor Kyle’s laptop computer, he was found to be in possession of over 500 child porn photos and nearly four dozen videos obtained in Germany. The FBI Innocent Images and Innocence Lost task forces continue to investigate this case.

Roanoke, Virginia, July 20, 2011

Matthew Wheeler, West VA footbal coach.

Coach Matthew Wheeler, 31, of Parry McCluer High School, has been named in a multiple count indictment by federal agents as having participated in an online child pornography bulletin board. Coach Wheeler is facing transportation back to Louisiana where he has been identified as belonging to this national network of child predators. Matthew Wheeler served as Assistant Head Coach before his promotion last season at the school where he graduated in 1997.

Yenny Valero and her son

September 30, 2011, Queens, New York

Yenny Valero, 31, of Astoria, New York, told the press today her now 6 year old son, Michael, was sodomized in a bathroom at Public School #112 last June, 2010. He was five when the attack occurred. According to the mother, four fellow kindergarten boys held down her son, removed his slacks and underwear and violated the boy with their fingers. He sustained both physical damage and, more damaging, emotional and psychological damage.

The police were called when the incident was reported but declined to press charges because of the ages of both the victim and the perpetrators. Nor did they opt to investigate whether an adult — either within this particular school or from within the home environments of the boys — had sexually abused these students and taught them how to do the same, even ordering them to do so.

Ms. Valero is now suing the school system and the police department for $10 million dollars. School officials also declined to investigate the allegations, stating there was no way to prove Ms. Valero’s son had been sexually abused at school and not at home, or outside the school. As is typical when allegations are brought against a government or city body, especially the educational system, the staff at Public School #112 is refusing to cooperate and now trying to shift the blame and attention for the abuse of this boy back onto the family.

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