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September 15, 2011, Gaffney, South Carolina

Eric Michael Shoemaker, gun runner and kiddie porn

Eric Michael Shoemaker has been indicted for the Internet downloading and possession of child pornography. Shoemaker first caught the attention of federal agents after complaints were lodged against him for trafficking in weapons and ammuniton over the Internet but failing to ship the goods bought and paid for. Eric Michael Shoemaker received a six year prison sentence for his crimes.

The new charges came to light when federal agents confiscated his computer in conjunction with the arms dealing online. While searching his data bases and hard drive, agents discovered a new gold mine: Shoemaker’s large collection of child pornography. The Justice Department’s agents from Project Safe Childhood were called in to continue this investigation and the prosecution.

Given his other actions, and other massive international investigations into Internet child porn and trafficking, it is entirely possible Eric Michael Shoemaker was using the debit and credit cards of his clients to purchase child pornography in their name to cover his own tracks. These charges may be forthcoming.

August 24, 2011, Columbia, South Carolina

Daniel Justin Knight, 38, pleaded guilty before US Attorney Bill Nettles on all charges of possession of  and the downloading of child pornography. Evidence presented during the Los Angeles plea hearing showed that on July 11, 2011, an FBI agent signed into a peer-to-peer file sharing program using and undercover screen name. Knight, identified onscreen as “Todayfun” was sharing over 350 files when the agent signed on. Upon searching the files, the FBI agent discovered a massive amount of sexually explicit photos involving children. Armed with a search warrant, FBI field agents were able to trace the IP address back to Daniel Justin Knight. When he comes before a federal judge for sentencing, Knight faces ten years in prison and/or a fine of $250,000.

Anderson, South Carolina

James Dean Carithers, 40. Indecent acts against a minor

James Dean Carithers, 40, of Starr, faces three charges from two law enforcement agencies on charges of committing lewd acts against a minor female. Carithers was arrested and is being held on $80,000 bond in the Anderson County Jail.

Two Easley Men Face Federal Child Pornography Charges
August 9, 2011

Daniel Ellenburg

Daniel Micah Ellenburg, 20, and David Michael Ellenburg II, 24, of Easley, South Carolina,  have been indicted on charges of possession, the receipt of, and the distribution of child pornography. The maximum the Ellenburg brothers could receive is no less than five years with a maximum of not more than 20 years for the possession and distribution of child porn. The Easley, South Carolina,  men were investigated as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to protect children from online exploitation and abuse. The brothers apparently come from a family with a long history of Dalton Gang behavior as another Ellenburg relative with a similar name has been indicted, along with several others, for running a meth lab.

September 16, 2010

Philadelphia, PA


Daniel E. Jones, aka “rhymenoceros”, aka “limewithcoke”, aka “limewithcoke3”, aka “limewithcoke4”, aka “MinimusMaxim”, was charged with one count of distribution of child porn and one count of possession of same. In the indictment handed down in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the defendant did on October 6, 2009, knowingly distributed and attempt to distribute child pornography over the Internet. It is also charged that from October 6, 2009, through November 17, 2009, Daniel E. Jones willingly and knowingly possessed more than 600 images of child sexual abuse. If convicted, Jones faces a maximum sentence of 30 years, a $500,000 fine, and a possible lifetime of supervised release.

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