Into Our Own Hands

“If ye oppress not the stranger, the fatherless, the widows, and shed not innocent blood in this place, neither walk after other to your hurt, then I will cause you to dwell in this place, in the land I gave to your fathers, forever and ever.” — Jeremiah 7:6-7

Fort Bragg, California

Aaron Vargas

On February 8, 2009, Aaron Vargas, 30, knocked on the door of Darrell McNeil, a local businessman who had gotten away with for decades the most heinous crimes of all: the rape of children. An argument ensued and Aaron Vargas pulled the trigger sending his rapist and decades long tormenter straight into the arms of Satan.

Aaron wished he had done this long ago. He’d had enough, long ago. So had others just like Aaron, victimized in every conceivable way by the same low life bastard. Darrell McNeil had been stalking Aaron and abusing him every day of his life since age 11, just as he had other young boys in this picturesque town. Probably had everywhere he had ever traveled, ever lived.

Aaron now had a beautiful baby girl with the woman he loved and adored. Darrell McNeil threatened to get to that baby and do the same to her if Aaron did not keep on doing as he was told. Aaron had enough. He solved the problem. Now, the threats were not just against him. Now, it was really personal. Now McNeil was threatening his heart and soul. Not today. Today it ended. Forever.

Aaron’s wife and mother of his daughter

When the story broke, other victims finally came forward: some again and again and again. Todd Rowan, a local carpenter and former victim, was relieved when he heard Aaron had finally dispatched the local hot shot baby raper.

Another victim, Jamie Massengale, committed suicide days after he reported his years of sexual abuse and torment at the hands of Darrell McNeil, fine upstanding local businessman. Jamie didn’t live long enough after finally telling authorities all he had endured, to hear Aaron expose all in court in his murder trial. To the police, Jamie Massengale was just another whining fag.

Aaron Vargas is a hero to all abused kids everywhere. Dead is exactly what needs to happen to these bastards. Jamie Massengale, Aaron Vargas and his infant daughter, Todd Rowan, and dozens of other boys are exactly why.

Raped boys are not fags!!!!!!

I ‘ve been there. Still am. And like Aaron, I told and no one did a thing. My son then became a victim. He has also been stalked. And no one has done a thing. When my boy finally told me he was 18. When I asked why he waited so long he replied: “Dad knew, Mom. He knew you hated them. He knew what you went through. He knew they had tried to kill you.

“Look how abusive Dad was and even the Air Force didn’t do shit. Uncle Walt and Granny said if I told they would kill you. They said they would kill me. That happens to lots of kids, Mom. If they had killed you, or you had killed them then where would I have been? Would DHS have put me with them? Or in a foster home just as bad? Would Grandma Shelow and PapPap have been there? Then what, Mom? I wouldn’t have had you either.”

Aaron was sentenced to 9 years in prison. His family, with the support of Liz McNeil’s – who also had reported this bastard to authorities — are appealing and lobbying for his release. He did nothing wrong but defend himself and his newborn daughter. Something law enforcement should have done decades before and did not.

I have spent the past 3 decades wishing to God Almighty I had pulled the trigger on those who abused me, then they would not have gotten to my son, as the bitch who birthed me avowed right when she said to me at four: “Keep in mind, no matter how old you are, I will always know where you are. I will do to you and your children whatever I please, whenever I please, and there will never be anyone there to help you. Never.”

Aaron Vargas deserves a medal of honor and valor. All raped kids who manage to survive do. We survive the predator, then we have to survive society and the hateful attitude of cops and the courts. Then we get victimized all over again by those we tried to trust as adults and told our story to who then find a porn thrill and cause for additional abuse.

Aaron is not a killer. He is a victim. He is a hero. He is a son. He is a dad. He is a father. My boy is and was always my heart and soul. So, too, is Aaron’s infant daughter his heart and soul. McNeil had vowed to rape the baby if Aaron did not stay compliant. What would you have done?

What would you have done if you had not been an Aaron but this creep threatened your child? There are millions of Aarons every day in America. There are millions of Aarons who have fathers exactly like McNeil also.
We want the monsters dead.

Read the following story out of Skidmore, Missouri.
There are millions of Darrell McNeils. Different name. Same game.

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