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Japan’s Ruling Party Expected to Overturn Law Making Child Porn Legal

As of 1998, Japan was among the world’s top three producers and exporters of child pornography. Under a 1999 law, while the production and distribution of obscene images involving under age 19 victims is outlawed, the possession of such is not, even when thousands of these victims are under the age of ten. Because it is legal in Japan to possess child pornography it is almost impossible for international investigators to obtain search warrants to confiscate and search suspects homes or their computers.

Liberal Democratic Party spokesperson stated the country “is moving towards” a ban on child porn which would see offenders fined. In Japan, that is all it means. It doesn’t mean imprisoned. Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama stated earlier this month that all child porn should be banned and the offenders severely punished. As most such investigations are now across international borders, the United States has urged Japan to clamp down on possession as well as the production of child pornography. In most government circles, this international pressure has been met with extreme resistance.

The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States have banned possession of all such child porn while Japan and Russia have not. Nor has the Middle East where this is very prevalent, especially in Saudi Arabia. Individuals from those countries then bring the images into America or seek out sources and victims while in America.

This stance on child pornography especially, but porn in general, make it a major issue where American military personnel are concerned who not only buy the films in Japan but then bring them back to America, or mail them in a manner not easily revealed. There are supposed to be tough laws on the shipping of pornography, regardless of the age of the individuals, into the United States. (More on the epidemic of child porn and the United States military can be found in this chapter as well as in my site “Honor Above All” which deals solely with crimes committed by the United States military)

“While some adults may be willing participants in pornography, children are not. These are images of violent, brutal rape and other types of child abuse.” All such activity has been banned under United Nations rulings on the Rights of the Child and Human Trafficking and Sexploitation. Japan, like the United States and Saudi Arabia, are member nations of the UN and as such bound by international directives.

As of 2011, Japan is the biggest producer of pornography in all its forms. Nothing has changed since the above article in 2008. It has only worsened. What a surprise in country with a history of military honor and a history of devaluing women and female offspring. China, with its stance against the birthing of female children and the horrific stories of abuse and homicide, has taken a tougher international stance against child exploitation and has exhibited a greater willingness to cooperate in international investigations. Sexual exploitation and its subsequent crimes is one of the five major reasons China has Internet censorship and has battled Google and other web providers.

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