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Joint U.S.-China operation busts child porn ring
August 26, 2011

The FBI in a joint operation with China cracked a Chinese-language child pornography ring in New York. The FBI arrested China-born Wang Yong, 26, for operating the Chinese-language porn websites, from within the Sunshine Entertainment Alliance. The Ministry of Public Security in China stated a simultaneous raid of Wang’s associates in China resulted in a dozen arrests with more expected.

Wall of China Fends Off Encroaching Desert

A permanent resident of the United States, Wang Yong was arrested on June 23, 2011, at his home in Queens after a nine-month undercover operation. Wang’s porn sites had more than 10 million members across the globe with at least 18 of those websites containing highly graphic images of the rape of extremely young children.

This is the first such joint operation between the two nations but, given the scope of the investigation, it will not be the last. There will definitely be more arrests resulting from this shutdown of Sunshine Entertainment Alliance with the subsequent investigations spreading to nearly every country on Earth. From this investigation alone, it is clear that all agencies involved need more investigators and more funding to stop the spread of this cancer. In addition, such crimes against children need much tougher prison sentences than what is currently being handed down.

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