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“Anger is an evil thing, my children, for it troubles even the soul itself. And the body of the angry man it makes its own, and over his soul it obtains mastery, and it bestows upon the body power that it may work all iniquity.” — from The Testament of Dan, The Lost Books of Eden, Hebrew Torah

Dr. Earl Bradley, Lewes, Delaware, February 23, 2010

Dr. Earl Bradley, 14 life terms plus 160 yrs.

As of July 13, 2010, Dr. Earl Bradley is charged with 529 counts of child molestation against 127 victims!!

On August 26, 2011, Dr. Earl Bradley was handed 14 life sentences plus 164 years. Would have been cheaper, and highly justified, to put a .45 cent bullet in his head two years ago!!!

Every single file on any computer anywhere in the universe contains hundreds of thousands of bytes of information. I have at least 35 files strictly for my web sites on stories dealing solely with the issue of child abuse and child homicide. None of these files are maxed out. All these files contain 50,000 mb of information or more. No pictures. Those are elsewhere. Just stories.

When the Feds busted Dr. Bradley, confiscating computers which should have been confiscated by local police five years earlier, they found over 300 FILES of nothing but child pornography. Photo journals all posted online of his sexual violation and torture of his patients — all children, all under the age of 3, at least two of which were infants.

Each of these files should have generated no less than one hundred other arrests – PER FILE -for both possession of child pornography and child rape. Yet, to date, there has been no indication of other physicians being indicted as a result of Dr. Earl Bradley’s true purpose for becoming a peditrician: Child Rape.

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In 2009, the American Psychiatry Association established a clear set of ethics and guidelines for the prosecution of violations of the Hippocratic Oath in order to prevent what has become known as the Nuremberg Defense in the event of medical malpractice or ethics violations, of which no less than 35 immediate associates and employees of Dr. Bradley are guilty of.

The Nuremberg Defense is also known as the “Superior Orders” defense in which someone indicted for crimes claims they had no choice as the orders were issued by a superior and not obeying might have cost them their lives, and would not have prevented the crimes from happening.

This defense maneuveur has become popular since WWII in the defense of military or government actions resulting in genocide. It has now, along with “mental problem” become an individual defense for nearly every indictments on the planet. This is also known as the Eichmann Defense. Adolf Eichmann was executed in Israel on May 31, 1962, for his role in the Shoah which cost the lives of 40 million Jews on a global level: including in the United States, and at the hands of United States corporations and politicians. The genetics and eugenics programs instituted across Germany and, within a short time, across Europe, were founded, funded, and promoted from the United States by institutes like The Carnegie Institute.

Costa Rica via Texas via Costa Rica

August 19, 2011

Dr. German Enrique Moreno Rojas, child rapist

After Dr. German Enrique Moreno Rojas was arrested on May 11,2005, in Houston, Texas, on charges ranging from indecency with a child to rape and sodomy. Most of his victims from within a largely poor Hispanic community. He fled Texas — where he arrived from his native Costa Rica, in Central America, after being investigated and convicted of crimes against children — when a Texas federal court charged him and set a trial date.

Throughout four years of investigation from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s Doctor Moreno Rojas was under investigation with the public continuing to demand answers on how and why he was being allowed to practice medicine in Costa Rica with a history of child rape, and several convictions for same. His license was finally pulled.

Parents also wanted to know why Moreno Rojas was not in prison. Fearing this was about to occur, the doctor fled his native country for the United States and Texas where he set up another practice. He also set up another practice from his clinic: that of drugging, raping, and sodomizing his young patients after befriending them and their families. Most of his victims were boys.

Arrested, released on bond, again for the same crimes which caused him to flee Costa Rica, Moreno Rojas returned home. Since then, he’s been operating a medical clinic in Carmen Playa. Now, Moreno has been arrested after a teen came forward in Costa Rica to say that Moreno had molested him. Costa Rica won’t allow Texas to extradite Moreno to stand trial in Houston saying the country’s laws shield him from extradition no matter the crimes. Moreno had worked as a family doctor in the Houston area.

He has been arrested again and charged in Costa Rico with the rape of minor child after a teenage boy, Abraham Isaac, came forward and reported Doctor Moreno-Rojas for rape and sodomy. More charges are expected as additional victims come forward.

The assaults on the then 11 year old boy went on for years and involved more than child during sleepovers at Moreno-Rojas’ home. To keep the boys quiet, he gave them what he called “vitamins” which were actually tranquillizers to put them out so he could inflict his abuse without neighbors hearing him or the other boys witnessing each other’s rape and sodomy. The following morning the boys would not recall what happened to them. All they knew was that they hurt in their bottom and private parts.

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