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Hallowed Halls of Juvenile Mental Health

April 25, 2011

On February 23, 2011, a 15 year old girl classified as “vulnerable” by the Department of Human Services, was admitted to the city run Metropolitan Hospital Child Psychiatric Ward for extended treatment until she turned 18 and could be admitted to an adult institution. Her mother, Patricia Watson, visited her daughter daily stating, that while she appeared depressed the girl appeared to be coping with her situation. All that changed on March 9, 2011, when Patricia Watson visited her daughter.

It didn’t take long for Patricia to notice something serious was bothering her daughter. When confronted, she told her mother in graphic detail about being sexually assaulted in her room by an 11 year old boy assigned to the same ward whom staff members knew to be violent and who, in fact, was there as a result of this type behavior. The boy was never stopped by staff in route to Ms. Watson’s daughter’s room, nor did whomever was supposed to monitoring the security cameras, feel the need to dispatch security to determine why the boy was in the room and not reappeared. Nor did anyone respond to the girl’s cries for help.

Ms. Watson, like Yenny Valero, is now suing the hospital and the city for over $20 million for the acts perpetrated against her “troubled” daughter. When confronted shortly after their conversation, the hospital told Ms. Watson the “incident” was under investigation. They had no explanation for why someone failed to stop the “incident” nor for why she was not contacted when her daughter reported the “incident”. Ms. Watson and her attorneys now want to know exactly how many other such “incidents” have occurred in this hospital and why nothing has been done.

To further compound the issues under which her daughter was admitted to Metropolitan Hospital, the teen girl was forced to remain on the same unit with the boy who raped her and he was not locked down. It apparently did not take long for the story to circulate both among other patients as well as staff, who still continued to ignore the situation and the trauma being inflicted on the young girl.

The boy was arraigned on March 29, 2011, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and is awaiting sentencing. He faces only a year in a juvenile detention center because of his age. Even after all this, Ms. Patricia Watson still does not want to remove her daughter from this hospital, citing as reasons that doing so would delay her daughter’s admission to a long term care facility when one becomes available.

Why really happened to this young woman for her to be admitted to this hospital in the first place? What really happened that the mother, now suing for millions off her daughter’s rape, feels it best to leave her child here until she can be sent to a long-term adult hospital?

Something did. And the mother is involved.

July 2, 2010
St. Louis, Michigan

Dr. Craig B. Tubbs, Gmail Porn

After a tip from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, federal agents arrested Dr. Craig B. Tubbs, an Alma, Michigan, family practitioner, in possession of “large amounts” of child pornography photos within his Google gmail account. (Guess he didn’t know, or didn’t care, that when you post or save photos in your Google docs, email, etc., they all get immediately posted to Picassa!).

A Michigan federal judge allowed the honorable Dr. Tubbs to post bond because he had no previous record of any impropriety. A doctor of 21 years, married, adult children, Boy Scout leader, active in church, child porn. You know? Honorable. Until his trial, he is not allowed to be around children without a parent present, meaning he can continue his medical practice.

Dr. Tubbs has other web sites as well, promoting himself and his family medical practice. On February 15, 2011, Dr. Tubbs was sentenced to 46 MONTHS in prison.

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