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IP Address Leads to International Child Porn Bust
Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Sgt. Terry Keiser remembers when child pornography investigations relied on eight-track tapes and paper trails. “We were working through the Postal Service to hand-deliver evidence,” the 42-year veteran investigator recalls.

Today, global file-sharing and instant access to online information and images makes pornography ever more accessible. In 2008, Internet Watch Foundation, an international nonprofit monitoring agency, tracked over 1,500 unique child pornography domains.

A new breed of investigators now follows a trail of digital bread crumbs to catch perpetrators, including Pacific Grove couple Jason Wright, 40, and Rampueng Kaeorawang, 41, who were arrested at their home Aug. 29 for possessing and manufacturing child porn.

Bangkok, Thailand, home of Jason Wright’s wife

The FBI initiated the investigation of Wright in Nov. 2010, according to Pacific Grove Police Department Cmdr. John Nyunt.  A posting by Wright on an Internet bulletin board where child porn collectors and manufacturers trade information led investigators to a specific IP address. The source: a computer at Wright’s workplace with Farmer’s Insurance in Pacific Grove.

Bangkok Floating Market, one of many places children are sold in Thailand

After obtaining the computer’s hard drive, investigators retrieved thousands of deleted images containing child pornography, some of which had been shared online. On May 12, the FBI arrested Wright at his home for the interstate commerce and receipt of child pornography. He was released on $100,000 bail, and the feds sent his home computer’s hard drive to a digital data analysis lab in Santa Clara.

Marble Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

It was at this point local police realized they had a massive international investigation going as Jason Wright’s 41 year old wife is from Thailand, where numerous videos and photos depicting her sexually abusing a child were produced. Enter the FBI Monster Catchers. (read rest of story)

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