Parents as Pimp

Bangor, Maine
March, 2011

Julie Carr, 22, child pimp

Julie Carr, 33, pleaded guilty before US District Judge John Woodcock to charges of sexually abusing her 2-year old daughter live via a web-cam while Nicholas Wilde, in England watched and directed the action. She has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. All four of her children, all under the age of four at the time of her arrest, have been placed in state custody and are described by Child Protective Services as “doing fine”.

Judge Woodcock told Julie Carr and the court that this case was the worst he had ever seen. Judge Woodcock needs to pay attention to headlines and start following at least 4 major websites devoted solely to the epidemic of child abuse and sexploitation.

He needs to devote some time to going over evidence confiscated by the FBI Innocent Images and Innocence Lost Task Forces, and a vault full of autopsy photos of raped and murdered children.

As repugnant as this story is, there are millions more just like it. I am a victim of one such mother from 50 years ago and nothing has been done yet about this piece of garbage.

Nicholas Wilde, 18, England. Child porn director.

It is unknown exactly when Julie Carr met 18 year old Nicholas Wilde over the internet dating site. According to investigators in two countries, between June 9 and June 11, 2009, Wilde (from England) directed Julie Carr on making live videos of her sexually abusing her toddler daughter. On June 11, 2009, Wilde sent these videos to a 16 year old girl in England he also met online. This transmission resulted in both his and Julie Carr’s arrest.

Wilde alerted Julie Carr to her impending arrest and she fled. Her flight to avoid was short lived. She was arrested on June 13, 2009. She pleaded guilty in February, 2010, to all charges and was sentenced on March 14, 2011, to 20 years in prison. While awaiting sentencing, jailers were forced to move Julie Carr to a private cell. The gross sexual misconduct charges and the internet prostitution of her own child made her life miserable in jail. Damn.

In February, 2010, Wilde was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his actions. He was never investigated by British police for other actions or crimes against children. He was only arrested and sentenced on this one incident. He is a repeat predator and will be again. During his trial in England, Wilde told the court he chose Julie Carr’s 34-month old daughter because she was the cutest and still in “nappies” (diapers).

Julie Carr had posted photos of all four of her children online, 3 daughters and a son. The videos she made for Wilde were very graphic and complete with sound and close up shots. Part of the judicial reasoning for only sentencing Nicholas Wilde to four years was his medical diagnois of Asperger’s Syndrome. This is no justification for Nicholas Wilde’s behavior in this case, nor in any previous such incidents — and there have been.

A pedophile does not begin his actions at age 18 nor in one such internet incident. There is always a first time for the pedophile’s behavior, but this particular route and this particular incident is not it. Wilde, like Carr, has done this before. He’ll do it again.

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