Repeat Felons

July 28, 2011    Dallas, Texas

Sean Michael Smith, 35. Convicted sexual child predator

Sean Michael Smith, 35, has earned himself top honors with a place on the Texas Top Ten Most Wanted Child Predators list. In 1999, Sean Michael Smith was convicted of indecency and taking sexual liberties with a 14 year old girl in Denton County. He is considered armed and dangerous. A $1000 reward for information to his whereabouts has been posted. Anyone with information to his whereabouts is asked to contact the Dallas Police Department, the Denton Police Department, or the FBI.

DPS Searching for High Risk Sexual Predator

January 25, 2011

Timothy Rosales, Jr., 39. High Risk Sex Offender

Timothy Rosales, Jr., labeled a High Risk Sex Offender with DPS escaped from a Denton, Texas, halfway house yesterday evening. He was supposedly being supervised on a maintenance job at the Reid Center on Beaumont Highway when he walked away. He has been added to the DPS Top Ten Most Wanted Sex Offenders list. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the Houston Police Department.

August 18, 2010
Medford, Oregon

James Auchincloss, 64, Kiddie Porn King

James Auchincloss, 64, pf Ashland, Oregon, the half-brother of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, has been arrested again for violation of his terms of probation on previous child porn charges. He was indicted in 2009 on 25 counts of possession of child pornography, along with Dennis Vickoren, after his personal assistance, Edward McManus, reported him to authorities for his “activities” with his friend Vickoren.

Earlier this year, Auchincloss and Vickoren pleaded guilty to those charges. Both were court ordered to register as child sexual predators and to seek treatment. He was in contact with the authorities again in December, 2009, March and June, 2010, at which time he informed the court he did not need therapy and had no intentions of seeking it. The sentencing Auchincloss received came two years after McManus first reported the pair for possession of an extensive collection of child pornography in books, slides, videos, computer files all of which were kept in Auchincloss’ hillside bungalow.

Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis disowned her half brother after years of familial issues. The final straw came over his contributions to the controversial biography entitled, “Jackie, Oh”, by Kittly Kelley. Auchincloss and Vickoren both claimed they had no idea their collection was actually child porn and they are ready to do whatever necessary to prove to the court and society they will be better people.

They already have.

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