Repeat Felons (2)

January 23, 2008
Austin, Texas

Sophie The Monster Catcher



Normally, nosy cats can be a real nuisance for their owners. Laundry baskets, dryer vents, the toilet, wherever there is an opening, a cat has to be there, has to know what it’s for and what will happen if they go there. Cats have been accidently killed nosing around in the wheel wells of vehicles, climbing up into the motor housing of vehicles. They knock over expensive breakables because they have to know whether they can make that climb up to the top shelf of your curio cabinet.

In this particular case, Amy Spencer’s cat. Sophie, busted a child pornographer who had been evicted before the cat and his owner moved into the apartment. Now given the hole in the wall between the two apartments – which allowed for the nosy cat to poke her head into the wall to see if she could and to see what curiosities lay beyond –  the apartments were obviously in need of serious maintenance work before the new tenant moved in.

When the cat owner grew weary of Nosy Britches poking her head into the wall, she checked out the situation and noticed several CDs stashed inside the wall. Removing them, curiosity got the best of her as well. Probably hoping she had found some of her most favorite movies (the wall is where we all stash these in lieu of a video cabinet. Saves space), the woman opted to play one of these Cds. When she discovered what they actually contained, she took the stash to the manager’s office who in turn called police who in turn called dispatch to track down the evicted tenant, one 24 year old  Mr. Luis Jimenez.

Thanks to a pesky cat, Mr. Jimenez has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on possession and downloading child pornography.

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